Expecting Miracles

4 thoughts on “Expecting Miracles”

  1. A well written article. I think about this issue often as well. I am thankful for the God-centered focus that seeks to remind us readers that God is at at the center of the issue, of our prayers, and that His will is above ours.

  2. As you said, a rather unsatisfying and unsettling conclusion. But I would agree, we can’t really say anything other than God will do what He is going to do. Which is a comfort since He seems to know what He is doing.

  3. This question of the proximity between the divine/demonic realm and our own one has always been a thought-pulse in the back of my head. Thanks for writing this!

  4. That tensions is such a strong one. While on mission trips, my teammates experienced miracles: a boy in a wheel chair in Venezuela got up and walked, a deaf woman in Nepal heard for the first time. I have read about and seen pictures of miracles in Mozambique that are even more dramatic. (See http://www.irismin.org, and check the journal sections.) But I have also seen people picking up disabled lepers and swinging them back and forth as they pray, only to set them right back down again and walk off, no healing visible. Superstition and psychosomatic thinking is just soaked into the same people who actually pray for and experience the miracles. If we could just sort out the real from the unreal, the God from the goop, and experience God in the supernatural and natural at the same time, how powerful, and wonderful, and love-begetting that would be!

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