A Roundabout Answer…

One thought on “A Roundabout Answer…”

  1. People’s desire for “direct” answers from Scripture can often be quite misguided as well. We are millennia and cultures away from the world of the Bible, and even some of the seemingly clearest commands in Scripture can become quite twisted when taken “directly” without regard for their original context.

    At the same time, however, the community God gives us is the Church, and the Church can only be our true community when it is the living embodiment of Scripture, i.e. the Body of Christ, the Word of God. Like so many things in the Christian experience, these two avenues through which God answers our prayers come together nicely – full-circle, even.

    Taking the circle even further, I think we find the fullest avenue through which God answers prayers to be not just the Church as community but rather the Church as a community together in worship. For there you have not just the Word preached and the Word received, but also the Word sung by the community and, most importantly, performed by the community as it comes together in love at the Lord’s Table.

    Pretty neat.

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