An Argument with Sophie


I have to admit that when it comes to my taste in music, I’m an elitist. Buying a new album is a major commitment for me, and I listen before I leap. A good album deserves my undivided attention: I have to listen to it in one sitting, from beginning to end, and I have to have the lyrics in front of me. I have to consider the effect of the instrumentation, the timbre of the singer’s voice, and I have to roll the singer’s words around in my mind for awhile until I’ve identified the true taste of their meaning. Fine music is like fine wine, and I’ve always refused to get drunk on cheap beer. But then I met Sophie. Continue reading “An Argument with Sophie”


Sitting on the Fence


Politics. The very word makes people like me want to throw a blunt object at someone. In spite of my distaste for the inefficiency of governmental bureaucracy, I wholeheartedly believe in civic engagement. I’m proud to say this: I care. And I can safely say that I am part of the demographic that both McCain and Obama are pursuing. I am the undecided voter. Continue reading “Sitting on the Fence”