The Rich Young Ruler

4 thoughts on “The Rich Young Ruler”

  1. it’s so much easier to just send that check in and not think or pray or research or spend the time to actually love. i agree with your final conclusion, that God really wants you more than anything else. but at the same time, what does it mean to be a responsible steward?

  2. Yea, I do not know for certain. But it must have something to do with loving the Lord your God and letting that love overflow into the actions of your life– keeping his spirit close to yours.

    love ezra

  3. It has to do with loving God with all our hearts,soul and might.The principle is easy to state,with a flourish.This is the standard God expects of all followers of the Way.
    But in practical terms,what might this statement mean in the individual Christian’s walk with God? We get a limited response,because the answer will depend on such things as the level and type of the believer’s conviction,the experiences we have gone through,the level of maturity in Christ etc. Ultimately,the crucial realization is that we serve a God who searches the heart.

  4. Yea, you are true.

    The true point is to realize and accept that God loves us though we do not often do the same. So then it becomes not so much about us trying to love him as it is about the discovery of how magnificently he loves His people.

    We are useless, but He loves us. That is awesome!

    love ezra

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