Feeling Age

2 thoughts on “Feeling Age”

  1. Vicky

    Some evidence,worldwide,that women are reluctant to accept the inevitability of aging is womens’ reluctance to disclose their ages.I have often wondered if God somehow programmed women this way!

    But if we truly accept that we are what we are ,as Paul said, by the grace of God,perhaps we would more readily accept our bodies as they are today,not what we wishfully think they should be.Cosmetic surgery and the like are often futile attempts to reverse the hands of the clock.

    Take pride in how and what you are today,as well as the many things you continue to acquire or lose in life’s journey,Vicky.Meanwhile,this youth needs to take a quick nap(joke).

  2. Thanks for the article. A lot of it resonated with me, like the part where the kids seem so much younger and immature then I remember being at their age. Also reminded me of this one part in Brave New World, about how spiritual growth comes naturally as our bodies age.

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