Learning from the Body of Christ

4 thoughts on “Learning from the Body of Christ”

  1. Lila

    What made you think you did not have any abilities? You just showed by this outreach,that you do.
    The outworking of faith is through works,as the book of James assures us.


  2. Hey Tunji

    There were a couple contributing factors to making me think I didn’t have any abilities. One was that I always heard and read about abilities from God like speaking in tongues, healing, etc. and I obviously didn’t have any of those. So that started contributing to by idea that I didn’t have a way to serve as part of the Body. Another contributing factor was that since I’m not super talented at anything, I thought that since I didn’t have a specific way to serve I couldn’t serve at all. To use the body analogy, ears hear, eyes see, and toes keep you balanced. But I’ve never been super talented at anything; I can’t play any instruments, I can’t catch or throw a ball, and I can’t draw more than stick figures. So I translated my lack of specific talent into a lack of way to serve. One of the final contributing factors was that as people began to point out ways that I served and functioned as the body (encouragement, etc.) I would write those off as unimportant or natural and not think of them as “counting”. And since (in my head) the things I did didn’t count as contributing to God’s work, I wasn’t a contributing part of God’s Body. I was, therefore, the appendix or another equally useless part.

    So that’s why I thought I didn’t have any abilities or ways to help as a part of the Body. The CSM trip helped me learn that my thinking was a bit skewed, and that’s something that I’m still continuing to learn. So there’s the answer to you question. . . But as I reread your question I’m wondering if it was rhetorical. Was it rhetorical? If it was, I feel rather silly now. But I think I’ll post this anyways.

    Thanks for reading! =-)


  3. Lila

    It is important that we have a correct self image of ourselves.You area a redeemed,precious child of God.You need to remember you are precious in God’s eyes.You indeed area new creation,a royal priesthood.Without high self esteem and a proper image of ourselves,we may not reach to the height God has intended for us.

    For example the majority of the scouts sent by Israel to spy Canaan were overawed by the muscularity and military prowess of the inhabitants.In admitting,in their own words that they were like grasshoppers compared to the Canaanites,they had already admitted defeat.It was (only) the minority report from 2 persons in the reconnaissance team that affirmed their true purpose and destiny,as God saw them,urging immediate action to invade the land that God had bequeathed to them Numbers 13:25-33.

    As to differing to ‘super-talented’ and ‘super-endowed’ persons,you should recall the scornful words Paul had for some ‘super apostles’ 2 Corinthians 11:1-6.In contrast to them,Paul firmly affirmed that he was what he was,only by the grace of God.

    Lila,you are what you are by the grace of God.Just take a step of faith,with a heart that genuinely wants to serve God,and you will be surprised what God will lead you to,and use you to accomplish.

    Take care,sister.


  4. Thanks Tunji, I agree. And this is something that I’ve been working on a lot with myself and with God. Thanks for you encouragement.

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