Feeling Age


One of the most unpleasant, disturbing things a young girl can feel is her own aging – to feel the indestructibility of youth falter ever so gradually, to feel the carefree days of physical vitality wane.  Most disturbing is the knowledge that once we lose this unnamed force, we lose it forever. Continue reading “Feeling Age”


Learning from the Body of Christ


1 Corinthians 12 describes the Body of Christ as made up of people with varying but specific gifts, talents, and abilities, just as a human body is made up of many unique but interdependent parts. When considering my place in the Body, I always thought that my lack of gifts and talents made me an expendable organ – like the appendix. An experience over winter break, however, transformed my view of my role in the Body of Christ. Continue reading “Learning from the Body of Christ”

We write like some sort of monster

BY GRACE KIM We write like some sort of monster, shade of the wet caverns beneath us, grinning imperceptibly up at us, patient, patient as time in its humor. We stalk the groundswell above impatiently. Birds fly out from the caverns – we hunt them. We grasp them in our mouths until they bleed their wisdom out for us. We write like monstrous shadows moving … Continue reading We write like some sort of monster


BY BESORAH WON Yeah, she knows what it means to be rejected. Hell, even God rejected her. Side stares and whispers down the aisles at church, With dumbed-down baby language, they speak to her in coos. Fear and pity, the lens of believers. Ignorance a defense? Please, She’s heard better. They think she’s silly, they mouth over her head (she doesn’t understand) Her cries to … Continue reading D-d-d-d-disability

Sundering Times

BY LUE-YEE TSANG In false promise I’d fain have drunk Th’ immortal milk of man’s peaches. I kissed thy cheek, charging self In holy love. Here I swore ’t, Cut a covenant, to succour thee and t’ uphold: Thou ’rt my kin, Christ’s by faith. I told the tale, with tears in my lungs, Asking my memory: Have I in this time Been useful to you? As the years slip by, I see them … Continue reading Sundering Times