So Thankful for Resurrection. No Hope Without It.

2 thoughts on “So Thankful for Resurrection. No Hope Without It.”

  1. Appreciate the post; I lost my grandfather this past September due to a stroke. Even though he was 89 years old and I had guessed that he’d pass within the next couple years, that knowledge could not subtract from my agonizing realization that this wasn’t “supposed” to be. He shouldn’t have been afflicted with a stroke so suddenly, given only a week to survive on the machine without the ability to communicate by means other than a squeeze of his hands. A few days later, laying in his casket at his own funeral service, his face was noticeably not the face of my living Ye-Ye (chinese for “grandfather”). All this wasn’t supposed to be, yet it was.

    In coping with his death, my faith has been challenged. However, I’ve also discovered that the only perfectly-satisfying solution to these agonizing thoughts lies in the hope of Jesus’ resurrection. Through this experience, I began to see glimpses of how Jesus’ sacrifice and redemption began to re-work things to be “how they should be”, even while we’re still on this earth. For instance, although my grandfather was not a believer, his wife professes to be, and so a few of his family members were at his bedside to tell Him of the good news, just days before he went. He heard about Jesus, and this was how it should have been. Our family decided to hold a bilingual Christian service for him, and I truly believe that the pastor’s words offered hope to many of us present, believers and non-believers, that my grandfather is in a better place with One who loves him more than we ever did. This is surely how it should have been, in the midst of our death and tears! And I have hope that God has already made things the way they should be~

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