Holding Nonprofit CEOs Accountable for Greedy Salaries

3 thoughts on “Holding Nonprofit CEOs Accountable for Greedy Salaries”

  1. That’s sad, but not surprising. You’re right in that giving wisely is part of the stewardship Christians are called to, and this entry reminds me that rebuking and shedding light on what is blatantly wrong is also a part of a Christian’s stewardship. With a good combination of knowledge of what’s happening and wisdom to determine appropriate action and speech in response for each situation, accountability would be more existent than it is now in the Christian body.

  2. I feel like scandals exactly like these are the reason that many Christians (and non-Christians) so frequently withhold donations, as well. They ignore advertisements on television and in magazines and even supplications within the church because they are doubtful about where the funds will go. My grandmother calls my grandfather an idiot for sponsoring a child through WorldVision and scoffs at the Smile Train Foundation which claims to repair the cleft palates of children, based on her own experiences with corruption. It’s wonderful that you provide sources for potential patrons to research programs: Since tithing, giving and sharing are so fundamental to living in Christ, we need to ensure that we find a way to help those in need no matter how many CEOs may block our path.

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