Letter from the Editor

3 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor”

  1. our culture teaches men that it’s acceptable to dehumanize and violate defenseless women instead of protecting them – will take even longer to heal.

    Good article, excepting this phrase. Our culture does NOT teach that it is acceptable to violate defenseless women, rather it teaches men and women that sex has no real consequences, that women are responsible to defend themselves (thus absolving men of any responsibility), and that men only are truly responsible for violence (thus depriving women of agency). As bad as this act you describe, it is an expression of human (not male) depravity,

  2. I’m pretty sure male depravity is human depravity. And although I find the idea of ten young women gang-raping a fifteen-year-old boy (or girl) horrible and inexcusable, I also find it somewhat farfetched. Not because women are less violent than men (in fact, I believe the statistics of women acting out physically have been increasing dramatically, and most intimate partner violence occurs between two mutually combative individuals) but because it doesn’t resonate with anything in my cultural experience. I can’t think of an instance of that happening off the top of my head. I can think of numerous instances of men gang-raping women or other men. It seems to be a traditionally male way of harming others.

    If our culture didn’t teach the young men involved that it’s acceptable to gang-rape a teenage girl, if that weren’t embedded very deeply in our social DNA, who do you think did?

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