What Gives?

2 thoughts on “What Gives?”

  1. Mencius said to King Hui of Liang (I.A.2):

    King Wan used the strength of the people to make his tower and his pond, and yet the people rejoiced to do the work, calling the tower ‘the marvellous tower’, calling the pond ‘the marvellous pond’, and rejoicing that he had his large deer, his fishes and his turtles. The ancients caused the people to have pleasure as well as themselves, and therefore they could enjoy it.

    In the Declaration of Tang it is said, ‘O sun, when wilt thou expire? We will die together with thee.’ The people wished for Jie’s death, though they should die with him. Although he had towers, ponds, birds, and animals, how could he have pleasure alone?

    At least we can meet that kind of standard.

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