Injustice Against the Sabbath


We suffer. Sabbath is broken; the rat race goes on, with no day set apart to be holy for the regeneration, the redemption, of all other days. It’s from the liturgy of the people, from the partaking of grace in the form of word and sacrament, that salvation expands and fills everything else, not by all things being likewise baptized but by their becoming what they’re truly meant to be through God’s gracious gifts of life; but instead of breaking liberal secularity we’ve broken sacredness. Yes, the lines can’t be hermetic compartments any longer, but instead to cut off the source in the quest to equalize everything? Folly and nothing but. We suffer for it. Continue reading “Injustice Against the Sabbath”


Each Broken Relationship: A Piece of a Fractured Heart


Most of us have probably heard of or known someone who has been caught in a cycle of broken relationships. Some of us may be familiar with the pain of betrayal, the physical and emotional torture by one’s partner, the agony of being used, mistreated, and taken advantage of, and—worst of all—the self-hatred, the feeling of being unloved and insecure. This is no small matter. Continue reading “Each Broken Relationship: A Piece of a Fractured Heart”