Why Islam is Stupid


See? I got you to look, didn’t I? And, you probably pegged me as an intolerant, fundamentalist, conservative, God-will-send-you-to-Hell bigot before you even read any part of my post.

Another reason you’re reading this post is that articles titled “Why Islam is Stupid” are extremely rare. So are “Why I’m Not a Hindu,” “10 Reasons I Can’t Be Buddhist,” and “I Am So Sick of Mormons.” On any public forum, such pieces would immediately be flagged as inappropriate and deleted.

So why do these sound so common?

“Why Christianity is Stupid”
“Why I’m Not a Christian”
“10 Reasons I Can’t Be Christian”
“I Am So Sick of Christians”

Being anti-Christian is hip, modern, and humanitarian. For some reason, it is also NOT politically incorrect, in an age when religious tolerance is the highest good. Christians hating on people is extremely unacceptable. People hating on Christians is championed as the bastion of reason.

After seeing yet another “Why I’m Not Christian” post featured on the homepage of a blog site, I realized how tired I am. It was a calm, level-headed post, by a reasonable author. But thousands of equally calm, level-headed posts titled “Why I AM a Christian” will never be on the front pages of anything. Yes, hateful Christians exist, just as hateful (insert any human group here)s exist. I am sorry that hateful people, including Christians, exist at all. But I have watched so many other Christians fight peaceful battles, patiently expressing their thoughts in a friendly and collected way despite others beating them down with maces. These cool-headed Christians quietly take the beating, in an attempt to reverse years and years of stereotyping. They pray that maybe, even one person will walk away from the conversation feeling that Christians might not be so bad after all.

Lots of people love to attack Christians mercilessly, accusing them of being narrow-minded and hateful of other religious groups. I think they should watch who’s talking.

The good thing is, Jesus specifically said that those who follow him would be hated by the world. So the more unreasonably we are hated, the more I am convinced and comforted that ours is the true religion. I think we are doing quite well.


4 thoughts on “Why Islam is Stupid

  1. so i looked because of your title. i was even already a little angry at why someone would post their disagreement with islam in such a hostile way…

    good post. i enjoyed reading it. of course i’m a somewhat conservative, white male, who is a Christian.

    and i’d argue that you probably can find the “why i’m so sick of mormons” posts out there. because i myself have written at least three.

    not really.

  2. Religion which comes from the Lord, can not be a religion, but stupid people understand this religion in its own way, which makes it a stupid religion into others.

  3. Yes, yes, but why is Islam stupid, and your faith isn’t?
    It is a conundrum, isn’t it?

    If you can’t defend your own opinion, why say it?

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