Why Islam is Stupid

4 thoughts on “Why Islam is Stupid”

  1. so i looked because of your title. i was even already a little angry at why someone would post their disagreement with islam in such a hostile way…

    good post. i enjoyed reading it. of course i’m a somewhat conservative, white male, who is a Christian.

    and i’d argue that you probably can find the “why i’m so sick of mormons” posts out there. because i myself have written at least three.

    not really.

  2. Religion which comes from the Lord, can not be a religion, but stupid people understand this religion in its own way, which makes it a stupid religion into others.

  3. Yes, yes, but why is Islam stupid, and your faith isn’t?
    It is a conundrum, isn’t it?

    If you can’t defend your own opinion, why say it?

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