Against Unchurchly InterPraise Revivalism


At this term’s InterPraise, on Wednesday night, I encountered practices that, while not at all unusual in the evangelical world, fall far short of what the Holy Writ delivers. I don’t mean to attack InterPraise or anyone who helped out, but I do insist on doing things in their proper places, by the means handed down from God. Continue reading “Against Unchurchly InterPraise Revivalism”


Sex and the Crisis of the Human Soul


At a reflective moment in the middle of the 1998 war film The Thin Red Line, Private Witt asks Sergeant Welsh, “Do you ever feel lonely?” Welsh answers, “Only around people.” Witt appears to ponder this for a moment and then repeats softly, as if in benediction, “Only around people.” The sentiment that Welsh expresses is the crisis of the human soul: alienation. Continue reading “Sex and the Crisis of the Human Soul”