Gay and Christian


The title of this post is the title of an article that was submitted to this journal in spring 2010, and I’m pleased to make it available on the blog using my account.

Gay and Christian

I am gay and Christian. For many, these are seen as contradictory identities. I must admit that this essay is part of my “homosexual agenda” to normalize LGBT Christians to evangelicals. I’ll make my agenda, both for this essay and in life, explicit at the outset: I want to share my story as I’ve experienced and interpreted it; and I want other LGBT people who read this and have trouble reconciling their faith with their sexuality to be encouraged. Continue reading “Gay and Christian”

Inclusive Confessional Documents


As I’ve always understood it, To An Unknown God is an œcumenical project, a project in which iron sharpens iron, a project that aims to find what’s true and noble in each Christian tradition and critique what’s fallacious and base. This means that, without sweeping real disagreement under the rug, we work together for one and the same city according to the standard of the God who reveals himself in Scripture and in nature.

Amid calls in some quarters for subscription to a statement of faith, a major reason we have no consensus document is that we hope out of creative tension to forge an eventual consensus faithful to the Truth that the Holy Ghost reveals in the Scriptures. Continue reading “Inclusive Confessional Documents”

On Giving to Bob Weiner and Weiner Ministries


Last week, two friends from To An Unknown God asked me if I knew anything about Bob Weiner or his organization Weiner Ministries. Mr. Weiner has recently been in Berkeley and spoke at several local churches, where his charismatic and energetic presentation was followed by a request for donations to Weiner Ministries. He told his audience that $50 would pay to educate one individual in a foreign country to enter full-time ministry. My friends wanted to know: Should students donate to Weiner Ministries? Continue reading “On Giving to Bob Weiner and Weiner Ministries”