Guidance on Stewardship of Donations


Over the past year, I have written several articles and blog posts encouraging Christians to think more carefully about stewardship when they make donations. (See here and here.) Unfortunately, my writing on this subject has occasionally been misunderstood. A few readers have also confessed to me that they do not understand the urgency of stewardship, that they do not see why it is so important.

For these reasons, I am going to make yet another attempt to explain why I think stewarding our donations carefully is important and why I think it is imperative that all Christians, even those who are only able to give a little, make an effort to investigate whether the organizations to which they give actually use their donations wisely. Continue reading “Guidance on Stewardship of Donations”


An Example to Explain How Keeping Organizations Accountable for Donations Works


What follows is a simple example that I hope will illustrate the good that can come from applying basic principles of stewardship to our decisions about what Christian organizations to support. I explain those basic principles of stewardship here. Although the example seems very simplified, the real world works in much the same way, albeit in a slower and more complicated manner. Continue reading “An Example to Explain How Keeping Organizations Accountable for Donations Works”

Newman Membership in UiC


At the end of the last academic term, there was a vote in Unity in Christ (UiC), Cal’s interfellowship group, on whether to admit Newman Hall, the Roman Catholic community on campus, to membership. After some discussion, a two-thirds vote came out in favour of Newman joining UiC. While I approve of recognizing Rome as part of the Body of Christ, which the Apostles’ Creed calls the Holy Catholic Church – especially as I see the opposite as born largely of sectarian bigotry – I would like to express my reservations about what I consider to have been undue procedural haste. My interest in discussing this matter now, months after the vote, is to clarify the role of this journal in promoting careful, frank dialogue within the Church as Christians seek greater visible unity. Continue reading “Newman Membership in UiC”