Finding a Fellowship


As a freshman coming into Berkeley looking for a fellowship, I was amazed by the large amount of Christian fellowships here. On the first day, I had two fellowships on my list to check out; by the next day, I had five. At Jesus in Berkeley, an event where all the Christian organizations came together, I learned that altogether there were thirty fellowships in Berkeley. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

During the first week, I eagerly went to event after event, searching for the ideal fellowship. I ended the week feeling exhausted. Rather than enjoying events for what they were, I spent my time constantly evaluating their pros and cons versus that of other events, nitpicking through every little detail. I felt like I needed to find the best fellowship, but at the same time settle soon so that I could get to know the people better. Despite all the events I went to, I wasn’t any closer to deciding. I would think that I liked one group, but then doubt whether it was the best. It seemed as if there was no perfect fellowship for me.

The problem was that I was relying too much upon my own judgment. I was trying so hard to find the perfect group through my own rationalization that I forgot about relying on God. The next week, rather than stressing out, I prayed and decided to trust that God will take me to where he wants me to be. And, glory to God, I found a fellowship to settle into. Of course there were still strengths and weaknesses to the group, but when I visited I felt more relaxed and was able to enjoy myself. While talking to others about their church-hopping experiences, and laughing over misshapen dumplings and corny jokes, I realized that I had found a Christian community that I could see myself being a part of. Now, I spend every week looking forward to Bible Study and large group. It may not be the perfect fellowship, but it’s perfect for the fact that God led me there. Through my experience finding a fellowship, I learned to have more faith in God.


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