True Love


Two girls were walking down the same path. Two sets of footprints were on the beach. But one set of footprints was closer to the ocean waves. When the two of them returned to their starting point and looked back, only one track was visible. The other was faded, dimmed, and barely hanging on. If a person had walked by and looked around, they would have only noticed the first set of footprints.

All throughout my life, I’ve constantly stumbled and fallen. At times, I’ve even wanted to just give up because I couldn’t catch up. If footprints on the sand could represent our paths with Christ, mine would have many faded areas and washed out imprints. Some areas would be faint, while others would be firm, but mostly the footprints would show hesitance because I didn’t know where I was or where I would be going.

I used to look at the footprints I made and wonder to myself, “Have I done enough? Have I been a good child of God?” When I took time to reflect on these thoughts, they were extremely selfish. Why had I focused so much on the “I” in this relationship? A relationship takes two people, and I had completely left God outside of my thoughts, and focused on me. I wondered to myself, “How could He possibly love me? Me. I’m just one out of billions of people in this world.” But our God isn’t limited to human perceptions of numbers and limits. He doesn’t see us as one out of seven billion; instead He sees me, and you, and every single person as an individual. Every person is different, but He loves us all anyway.

So now when I look back at my footprints, I rejoice at how God has led me through every step of my journey with Him. When the footprints became faded, He loved me and showed me how good He was. Even when I stopped, He has remained by my side.

I’ve felt God’s love. He’s lifted me out of times of sorrow when I truly believed that there was no “true love” in this world. But through constant prayer and the reading of His Word, I’ve been reminded over and over of just how great His love really is, and that His love is the True Love that we all are looking to find.


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