Dear Future Wife,

4 thoughts on “Dear Future Wife,”

  1. Beautifully said of a faithful follower of Christ. My husband when courting me, gave me similar expressions of love in emails and I kept them all! May the love Christ had for his heavenly father Jehovah God continue through this young man for his future wife.

  2. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for writing this special letter. It is so beautiful. God truly spoke to me through it, reminding me to be patience. I get so discouraged some days during my season of singles, feeling that I am only surrounded by guys who only lust after me. You’re proof that Godly guys truly do exist. God bless you.
    With love,

  3. This made me want to cry!! Ive never read a letter like this before!! I write letters to my future man & have girlfriends who also do this, but never have I seen a guy do this. Thank you so much! Extremely encouraging and beautiful!!

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