Spring 2014 Club Meetings!

Hi readers! Our first TAUG club meeting this semester (not decal!) will be this Thursday 1/30/14 from 7-9 PM at 254 Dwinelle. Come join us if you are interested in writing, editing, publishing, designing, or contributing in any other way for our journal! Our theme for this semester is Science and Faith. Starting 2/10/14, our weekly Thursday meetings will resume to the normal 5-7 PM … Continue reading Spring 2014 Club Meetings!

Peace in the Unending Storms


Pain. Before I knew God, my life was full of it. I’ve realized that even now with God, there is still much of its presence in my life.

Before I knew God, my life was marked with the pain that others inflicted upon it. Abandonment, verbal abuse, disappointment. My dad left when I was 7, we lost contact with him when I was 12 and I haven’t talked to him since. Some of my very best friends who said they cared about me left. Boyfriends said they cared and left; everyone who said they cared left. Most of my friendships lacked respect and true genuine love. My relationship with my mom was never strong, and most of our time was spent throwing hurtful words around. I felt alone. I didn’t really know why I deserved to feel so neglected and disappointed when I had such a big heart. I felt that I didn’t matter, because not many people I cared about seemed to stick around. My mom, however, was the one who had stayed with my brother and I our whole lives despite my dad leaving. Continue reading “Peace in the Unending Storms”

To Curse, To Sing


She thinks, as her fingers tremble around the cigarette and feels Dong-hee’s scrutiny, that in that moment, no one could’ve possibly hated her more than herself.

Dive straight into the lz, fix that blackbox, fatigued in fatigues and passing around pills that’ll do the magic, keep you up and awake for an enemy that never shows – all that’s just talk. No amount of talking can – although there’s a sick fascination with it, yes? That he’ll become a man, finally see what that ruckus is about but becoming a man can’t be this utter bewilderment, can’t be hopping into a trap with fancy promises and all that jazz for Queen and Country, what they don’t tell you is that he’ll feel it after, when the adrenaline subsides from a flood to a roar. Continue reading “To Curse, To Sing”

Turn your Other, Other Cheek


We’ve all heard it before. For some, it’s, “Be the better person.” For others, it’s, “Just let it go.”

All of us, Christian or not, are all too familiar with the famous line: turn the other cheek. In Matthew 5 Jesus says, “You have heard it said, ‘Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”[1]
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The Pain of Privilege


Roughly two years ago, the Occupy Wall Street protest began in Zucotti Park near New York City’s financial district. The movement gained traction nationally by raising unspoken issues of social and economic inequality with the most salient one being wealth distribution in the United States.[1] “We are the 99%” was the familiar cry of protestors as they championed the cause of the “common man” of America while demonizing the 1% for their corporate greed, undue political influence, and flat-out meanness for not playing nice and sharing their wealth.

However, to understand a percentage one needs to know both the numerator and the denominator. Sure, many Occupy protestors may have been part of the 99% in the United States by making less than $370,000 of adjusted gross income per year,[2] but what if the denominator consisted of the entire human race instead of just Americans?
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Advent Candle One


My friends and I listened intently to the last of Rabbi’s words. Rabbi was a great teacher we constantly looked to for wisdom.

“That’s all I got for you today, boys.”

“We’re no longer boys, Rabbi,” said Mishael with a grin.
“Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty,” Rabbi said. “But humility comes before honor.”

“Looks like you need some sharpening,” Hananiah joked. “Shall Azariah and I do the honors?”

“Exhort with honor,” I said, giving Hananiah a glaring look. “Rabbi, tell us more.”

“Well, if you insist-”

“Where is God?” asked Mishael with a sudden solemnness. “Where is God, Rabbi?”
“Watch your words, Mishael…” Hananiah said.
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