Spring ’14 Submission Deadline

We are currently looking for authors and artists to submit their pieces for this semester’s publication.

If interested the submission deadline is 5 pm on March 6th to unknowneditors@gmail.com.

Our theme this semester is “Science and Faith” and some ideas you can consider are:

  • The philosophical suppositions of Christianity that science relies upon
  • The objective physical/historical reality of the resurrection
  • The biological implications of Jesus becoming flesh
  • The limits of the scientific method–how much we simply can’t know, discover through scientific means alone.
  • Newton and Pascal as Christians and scientists – their theological writings and how dedicated they were to their faith and defending their faith.
  • Literary analysis of Psalms and comparison to actual scientific evidence
  • Origin of the universe
  • Reality of miracles
  • Anything else regarding science and faith

However we welcome articles on any topic unrelated to the theme as well.


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