Fides Quaerens Intellectum

I do not understand you, Fides.

What is it that you do not understand, Conscientia?

You are The Faith and I am Knowledge. Are we not fundamentally incompatible?

Why is that?

I am acquired through rigorous testing and must be proven. But you do not have such a foundation. If anything, you are arbitrary. We are opposites.

But how can that be if we are both of the same rational human mind? Yes, I am The Faith but that does not mean I am not reasonable.

Are we not in a state of war? I seek to find the truth. But you are satisfied with blindness. You ‘just believe’ without any solid reason.

Why do you accuse me of such things? We are of the same substance – a rational mind. I do not merely believe – I know, too. What I believe is from the testimony of others. But what I know is by my own experience and I have experienced something greater than me, the world, and life itself. I, the finite, have experienced the infinite; I have not conceived the infinite, but I have experienced the infinite. And through the tools I have been given such as logic and reason, I can show you the truth that I have come to know.

If you claim to know the truth and claim to be willing to show me, then why have you stood in my way for all these years?

When has The Faith ever stood in the way of Knowledge? We are not two oppositional forces. How can we be when we have the same foundation? We are both of reason, rationality, logic, and the like. While you use the foundation to build fantastic constructions, I continually build the foundation itself – a foundation you often take for granted.

But even if you are the foundation of my own existence, will I not end up destroying you? For by nature I am what is proven through testing and retesting. Faith in anything is arbitrary. If your foundation is built upon the subjective and not objective, then you will fall.

But I am still here, am I not? If The Faith were not a strong foundation, would I have not fallen long ago? Hundreds of years of refinement and verification have only dispelled false faith. Yet here I am.

If I cannot overcome you, then why do you not overcome me?

I cannot overcome you for we are not contradictory.

Then why do we both exist?

I can do what you cannot and you do what I cannot. You can describe what will happen but I can describe the cause. There exists cause and effect. Your domain is the effect but my domain is the cause, but both are simply aspects of the whole truth.

Then we are not so different, you and I.

We are of the same. And we are both held to the same standard – one of testing and retesting; of verification and confirmation.

Then why do people regard us so differently? Why do they hold me in such high regard while looking down upon you?

Perhaps they have been misinformed. We have never been enemies. We are both allies in the search for truth.

If we both seek truth and abide by the same standards, then are we not the same?

I do not know. Are we?

Maybe we are.


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