A Few Thoughts on “the Future”



As one endeavors to think about something as given and as common as the future, one will inevitably, I think, run into some interesting thoughts. First, “the future” comes off as a kind of paradox. It is a paradox because whenever people refer to it they always preface it with a definite article. What can be so definite about something as fluid, unpredictable, and shape shifting as the future? Continue reading “A Few Thoughts on “the Future””


The Single Sin


Singleness is treated as a disease. It is prayed over as if it needs a cure. I find that as I get older, an increasing number of people are praying for me to find my godly man. While I do appreciate this sweet act of love, this prayer should not be a priority in my life. At this stage in our lives, it is essential to create spaces of intimacy with everyone we meet. Why is so much emphasis placed on finding a husband or wife in our early twenties? This reinforces mediocrity and puts an unhealthy pressure on members of the Christian community to settle down at an undeveloped age.

My Christian friends are getting engaged and even married at 21, 22, 24 and my heart sinks, as if I am mourning a life! And then I have my other communities where dating is celebrated and encouraged. I find myself battling this dualism of being, first, a woman in Christ who wants to guard her heart under all circumstances, but also being a 21 year old in college where dating is essential for growing healthy relationships. How do I straddle this line? Continue reading “The Single Sin”

pa·tience |ˈpāSHəns | noun



Day 3

Here I am for one year with a bunch of Africans in the middle of nowhere. Can’t tell Mom and Dad exactly where I am for security purposes. Get paid a little, feel good about myself, and put something fantastic on my resume. Sounded easy at first but it’s already day three and I’m dying from the heat. The villagers are nice, but they’re wary of me. They started to trust me once I cleaned up a kid’s nasty knee wound. Oh, and I’m stuck with some old missionary named David. Great. Continue reading “pa·tience |ˈpāSHəns | noun”

Til Kingdom Come: On “the Future” as God sees it

The Future is a strange thing, an always-“almost” reality that persists outside the boundaries of our existence. We know nothing of this Future. We have never been there. Instead, we find ourselves bound to the Present, asymptotically approaching “tomorrow” but never quite arriving. There is a peculiarly unbearable quality to this permanent, transitional state. A never-ending game of tag that we always seem to lose.

Life would be so much easier if the Future were known. We’d have certainty. We might even find comfort. Continue reading “Til Kingdom Come: On “the Future” as God sees it”