Strangers in a Strange Land


I left home on August 17, 2012, and haven’t been home since. Sure, I’ve returned to the place where I grew up, but I no longer call it home because I know I can’t stay there forever. Visits back to my former home are by definition, temporary, and always involve a return trip back to school. Berkeley is not my home either though, but rather just a resting place on a long journey. I live as though I have a future after Berkeley, and refrain from becoming too attached to specific people, cafes, libraries, and classes, knowing that I will soon no longer have those things in my life. I am essentially an exile, a stranger living in a land that is not my home. Continue reading “Strangers in a Strange Land”


I’ll Come Up with a Title Tomorrow


Most would say time is properly basic. It’s just a fact of life, right? But the more I think about it, it has a paradoxical nature. It can be a source of excitement and awe at the limitless possibilities. It can also be a source of despair and angst because of uncertainty and uncontrollability.

Everyone has their own view of time. To Steve Jobs, time was something to be valued: “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”[i] To others, it’s just a constant source of worry – What will I wear? What will I do? And most importantly, what will I eat? Continue reading “I’ll Come Up with a Title Tomorrow”

Christian Presence on the Internet

winston-kim11BY SAM KIM

We are the first technologically savvy generation that cannot imagine what life was like before the internet. We grew up, and still are growing, in a digital age dominated by social media and the web. Most of us even have a second identity via the internet. It’s quite amazing how quickly life has been constantly evolving, so much that sometimes we even find ourselves having trouble keeping up. As more technological innovations get thrown out to consumers, people learn to adapt and bounce off those innovations to create even more new ideas; as this continues, we experience life growing exponentially. Because our lives seem to move at a ridiculous pace, it is inevitable that people, thoughts, and ideas start to get thrown behind. It is survival of the fittest. Except, instead of it being the strongest that survive, it is the ones that learn how to adapt and keep up with everyone else that stay alive. So my big question is, how has Christianity been keeping up with the times? We see that the modern church has evolved from its predecessors, but how has Christianity made a presence on the internet? How has the internet affected Christianity at all? Continue reading “Christian Presence on the Internet”

Revelation’s Call



It took me a very long time to figure out what I wanted to write about. Prior to this I had drafted a 1,379-word article on my personal testimony of what “the future” meant or what it was supposed to be. Those 1,379 words captured every stereotypical phrase you have probably ever heard regarding this topic of the future. It covered my entire life story and how I realized that God’s plan for my life was a thousand times better than my own plan for my life. It attempted to encourage you, the reader, to trust in God even if His plan didn’t make any sense. And not to discredit any of these claims or belittle anyone who chooses to explore these topics, but I suddenly felt called to take a different approach—one that I feel is often purposefully overlooked. Continue reading “Revelation’s Call”

Blessed Endurance


“Behold we consider those blessed who remained steadfast. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful”

James 5:11

When I ask friends or classmates “What are you excited for in the future?” or “What are your future plans?” I usually receive responses along the lines of the profession they are pursuing, or a specific event in the future they are looking forward to such as having a family, getting married, traveling. When I am asked the same question, my typical answer is, “I’m not sure.” Although this too is a very common and acceptable answer, it does not reflect my true thoughts. Since the last semester of sophomore year, whenever I think of the future, it is very bleak and tinged with hopelessness. Sometimes, I do not desire a future. Instead, I desire a future where I do not exist.

I have struggled with mild to severe depression consciously for seven years. When I was younger, the future was an escape for me when the present felt too unbearable. I envisioned that the future me would be happier and not weighed down by self-hating thoughts, feelings of alienation, or lack of motivation. I did not know how that would happen but just hoped that it would. But, as I progressed into the “future” I had imagined, that picture I had shattered. I was still the same. I still struggled with the same thoughts and emotions or void of emotions—but it felt somehow even worse with the added stress from being a college student, the difficulties that naturally arise in life, and the shattering of my vision. As a junior quickly approaching my next decade, I ask myself, “Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like? A future where I will continue struggling and alternating from one treatment to the next? A future where I will wake up many mornings wondering why I’m alive without the motivation to even get out of bed? A future where I can switch from being cheerful to apathetic midday for no reason?” Continue reading “Blessed Endurance”

Living Fully by Hope

winston-kim8BY LAURA CLARK

Lately I keep catching myself looking at my watch. Not because I need to, but just because I want to know how soon I will get to move on to the next activity in the daily agenda. When I’m in class I think about what I will do for lunch, when I’m at lunch I think about what I will study after lunch, and when I’m studying I think about what I will do when I have time for a break. Living like this does not make sense. The laws of nature will never allow me to live in the future; I will always be living in the present. It is foolish to be preoccupied with planning what I am going to do at the cost of appreciating what I am doing. If I cannot live fully in the present, how can I expect to appreciate the future? Continue reading “Living Fully by Hope”

Human Responsibility in Evangelism



Sovereignty. It is an intimidating word, full of religious connotation. Humans are naturally independent, with a desire to exert self-autonomy. If their lives start to unravel like a loose thread on a worn-out sweater, they are pacified to let it fall apart, knowing that they will eventually be able to knit it back together with their own hands. But is this internal authority absolute? Continue reading “Human Responsibility in Evangelism”