Miracles in Modern Society

BY SARAH HONG The Bible contains a story in which the prophet Elijah performs a miracle in front of the Israelites. As part of a challenge to determine the true God, Elijah pours water on an altar and prays that God will answer him. Sure enough, God sends a fire that consumes the drenched altar. Upon seeing this miracle, the once disbelieving Israelites worship God1. … Continue reading Miracles in Modern Society

Perfect Justice

BY ZELINA GAYTAN If there is one university that looks upon its students as agents of social justice, it’s Berkeley. This is where the Free Speech Movement was founded, and even today, Berkeley has an array of programs and events for student interested in making an impact on society for equality: Alternative Breaks, JusticeCorps, etc. Just a couple of months ago, we heard the undying … Continue reading Perfect Justice