Mind the Gap


Humans are weird. Weird is a term that’s thrown around a lot nowadays. Sometimes it’s used to describe a person who’s quirky or deviates from the social norm. Sometimes it describes a situation that just isn’t right. It seems that weird is just one of those words that have become disassociated with its dictionary definition over the years – one way Webster’s defines weird is “of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural”[1].  The witchcraft part is a bit misleading but what I really mean is weird in the supernatural sense – “a :  departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature”[2]. And in this sense, humans are very weird.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?


Our appreciation of art creates the illusion that aesthetic creations are admirably concrete and reassuringly permanent. We visit museums to see tangible proof that the actions of people who lived centuries ago are remembered.  We are awestruck by Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, marvel at Michelangelo’s David, wonder about Chinese terracotta soldiers, and worship in enormous cathedrals with ceilings that are unbelievably high. Why do we appreciate these objects of art?  It’s because it seems that these are examples of lasting legacies.

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Having Self Worth in Life and Love

BY TATIANA SU, CONTRIBUTING WRITER Let’s face it–modest is not hottest. Google “hot” and all the images that pop up on your computer screen will immediately prompt you to look around and see if anyone is watching your cyber whereabouts. After all, pictures of slender women in lingerie are not something that an eighteen year old girl in pink socks and a messy bun is … Continue reading Having Self Worth in Life and Love