The Reaped Souls

Jacky Vasantachat, Staff writer

Part II

Dear Soul! Reaped Spirit! Your essence is mine!

Dwelt darkness of shadows thoroughly thine!

You roam, you wander, five senses no more,

Though pain and sorrow ’rupt, feelings galore!

Here now, heart self! I’ll draw you nigh to me.

Put end stormy muses past! Look now—See!


There, over there, is a father who cares!

There, over there, is a father who wears

Love in his eyes, in his heart, in a word,

In a whisper, yes—there’s comfort assured!

He’s unlike the father we’ve had and known.

There’s something diff’rent. Come! It’s clearly shown!


See how warmth suffuses his kindly face!

See how tenderness touches his embrace!

Hear how humility in his steps sound!

Hear the treasures of love jingle year round!

Songs sweet, songs pure, music glorious rise,

Pleasing to children of all ranging size.

If only we too could have a small share,

Then, oh then, how wonderful would we fare!

To have a father who’d render and raise   

the spitting images of romanced days,

A father who’d caress mother alone,

All the days long, ’til they’re soil and stone!


But humans! They fail, they stumble and fall,

Even fathers, yeah, who do seem sky tall,

Are not, no not, flawless shepherds ideal,

No matter what qualities so genteel,

No matter how good they may seem to be,

For perfection eludes all—even he.  


But its perfect love I want and I’ll seek,

For there’s someone I know with nature meek,

Nature mild, who loves all that I am,

Loves this sheared heart and wants this soiled lamb.  

He is better than the father I’ve known,

And better yet than the good father shown.  

He’s someone who’s won this heart of mine,

And I truly hope you’ll let Him win thine.

For all are like sheep that have gone astray,

Down they have gone, their own dismembered way.

They fracture this earth, shared world of mankind,

And make a house of the broken and blind.


But a father, the Father our Savior,

Came to the rescue and came to labor

among our reaped souls in houses shamed,

Yes, with woe He came for those spirits maimed,

For the welfare of young ones and mothers,

For both the bad and good earthly fathers.


Oh Father of fathers! You’ve done much more

Than human efforts that have gone before,

To fill spirits void, heal spirits slashed deep,

Only in You can one find soulful sleep.

Yes, what height, what depth, what glory revealed!

When Father offers us salvation sealed.


[Part 1/2]

Photography: Pawan Sharma on Unsplash

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