Home with Her or Home with Him?

I’m lying on her chest, feeling the rise and fall of her breath,

the quiet patter of her heart, beating for me, only for me.

And I feel myself letting go, being whisked away, Falling

deeper and deeper in love with her.

Contentment flows through me like a river, Rushing into each of

my organs, reminding me that I am not alone, I am happy.

This is what love feels like,

This is what home feels like.

We may not have the world on our side, but we have each other. It is our

little secret, a sacred bond shared, an immense collection of emotion.

But no one else knows.

No one else can


When my friends think of fear, they think of sharks, spiders,

heights, earthquakes, and the dark. But I think of the

possibility that God might not love me, That I will be

considered unfaithful, That I could possibly become a


The way I love her is like how other girls love boys, That’s how I explain

it, that’s how I understand it. But will she stand between me and God?

Am I making the wrong choice? Is my love a mistake?

God’s love is almighty. Her

love is comforting. But God’s

love is like no other.

I want God’s love, but at what cost?

Can I stop loving her? Do I need

to stop loving her?

God is my home, and I know he has a kingdom for me. But Lying here with

her, I have found a home on Earth. I want to do what God would want, but

I can’t just throw away my feelings. I want my home to be with Him, but

can I still have a home with her?

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