Announcing the Gospel Together


It has been a few years since I was last a student at Cal. Nevertheless, in keeping with the goals of this journal’s founding, articulated at the outset by Cliff Mak – namely, for Christians in this university community to talk to one another – I trust that my lips may rightly be opened.
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Local Church Unity

By Lue-Yee Tsang

Even under Congregationalist church polity (a thing I see as fundamentally flawed), there was not in former times such splintering of the Church, and such hyperindividualist idolatry, as there is today. Now, especially without denominational ties, each congregation in a given area tends to itself without much heed for the others. As congregations tend also to be segregated along lines of cultural similarity – a largely Charismatic-pietistic Korean congregation versus a Presbyterian white congregation – this insulation extends the walls that divide the rest of society. Continue reading “Local Church Unity”

Newman Membership in UiC


At the end of the last academic term, there was a vote in Unity in Christ (UiC), Cal’s interfellowship group, on whether to admit Newman Hall, the Roman Catholic community on campus, to membership. After some discussion, a two-thirds vote came out in favour of Newman joining UiC. While I approve of recognizing Rome as part of the Body of Christ, which the Apostles’ Creed calls the Holy Catholic Church – especially as I see the opposite as born largely of sectarian bigotry – I would like to express my reservations about what I consider to have been undue procedural haste. My interest in discussing this matter now, months after the vote, is to clarify the role of this journal in promoting careful, frank dialogue within the Church as Christians seek greater visible unity. Continue reading “Newman Membership in UiC”

Inclusive Confessional Documents


As I’ve always understood it, To An Unknown God is an œcumenical project, a project in which iron sharpens iron, a project that aims to find what’s true and noble in each Christian tradition and critique what’s fallacious and base. This means that, without sweeping real disagreement under the rug, we work together for one and the same city according to the standard of the God who reveals himself in Scripture and in nature.

Amid calls in some quarters for subscription to a statement of faith, a major reason we have no consensus document is that we hope out of creative tension to forge an eventual consensus faithful to the Truth that the Holy Ghost reveals in the Scriptures. Continue reading “Inclusive Confessional Documents”

Against Unchurchly InterPraise Revivalism


At this term’s InterPraise, on Wednesday night, I encountered practices that, while not at all unusual in the evangelical world, fall far short of what the Holy Writ delivers. I don’t mean to attack InterPraise or anyone who helped out, but I do insist on doing things in their proper places, by the means handed down from God. Continue reading “Against Unchurchly InterPraise Revivalism”

Loving Lady Kirk

BY LUE-YEE TSANG I n The Lord of the Rings, many of the heroes are moved by thoughts of places. Rivers and mountains matter. Minas Tirith matters. Likewise, the Apostle Paul says Christians are citizens of the heavenly city, holy Zion, the “Jerusalem above,” and “she is our mother.” It was thus that John Newton, who wrote “Amazing Grace,” also penned these words: Glorious things of … Continue reading Loving Lady Kirk

Homosexual Designation as a Cause of Homophobia


[Adapted from Cogito, Credo, Petam]

In contemporary American society, cheek-kissing between men is mostly taboo; in the Southern Cone countries (especially Argentina and Uruguay), it’s unremarkable. This raises larger questions about the affection that society allows men to show. Intimacy often brings up associations with homosexuality in North America and northern Europe, and so many people interpret the relationship between David and Jonathan in the Bible – and likewise, in John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, the relationship between Gene and Finny – as a homosexual relationship. Such automatic designations, I maintain, are unhelpful and even homophobic. Continue reading “Homosexual Designation as a Cause of Homophobia”

Injustice Against the Sabbath


We suffer. Sabbath is broken; the rat race goes on, with no day set apart to be holy for the regeneration, the redemption, of all other days. It’s from the liturgy of the people, from the partaking of grace in the form of word and sacrament, that salvation expands and fills everything else, not by all things being likewise baptized but by their becoming what they’re truly meant to be through God’s gracious gifts of life; but instead of breaking liberal secularity we’ve broken sacredness. Yes, the lines can’t be hermetic compartments any longer, but instead to cut off the source in the quest to equalize everything? Folly and nothing but. We suffer for it. Continue reading “Injustice Against the Sabbath”

Response to Injustices in Dubai


Dubai, the parvenu (or 暴發戶, as my family says in Chinese) of the Persian Gulf, has finally been exposed as a financial black hole, dealing a serious blow to the reputation of the Arab Gulf. One could go on and on, I suppose, about how Dubai unmasks the financial fakeness of the West, because its desalinized oases of luxury certainly took the cake. But even before news broke Continue reading “Response to Injustices in Dubai”