So Thankful for Resurrection. No Hope Without It.


My Grandma (Nai Nai, as we would call her) was a tough and energetic lady who dearly loved her grandkids.  She used to knit sweaters for us (very useful growing up in Canada).  In public, she would always enthusiastically run up to people, whether friends at church or complete strangers in the mall, to proudly declare “this is my grandson!” (in Chinese of course, regardless of whether the other party knew any Chinese).  She left this world Saturday, Aug 29, 2009 shortly after lunch, at the age of 97. Continue reading “So Thankful for Resurrection. No Hope Without It.”


Social Justice in the Light of Heaven

BY DARREN HSIUNG It is a common perception, regardless of belief or background, that things are not the way they should be. A world filled with wars, economic meltdowns, poverty, and disease makes us yearn for something better. Perhaps this yearning, as we speak of justice, is an opportunity to consider heaven afresh. We may have heard of the one who is so heavenly-minded he … Continue reading Social Justice in the Light of Heaven

The American Captivity of the Church

BY DARREN HSIUNG Just want to post a shout-out for a book that’s been promoted this month of October. Michael Horton was one of the professors I had at seminary. Coinciding with the launch of his book Christless Christianity, the Washington Post is going to host a live web forum on Friday, October 31 at 1pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific), taking questions from the general public. … Continue reading The American Captivity of the Church

The Story and the Christian

BY DARREN HSIUNG Christianity is not primarily a morality: it is primarily a story. Indeed, one might say that Christianity’s very message is a story. Before there was a kerygma, there was an event. Thereafter, Christians have proclaimed, not a good idea, but a gospel, a word meaning good news. How does recovering the story make a difference? I am probably not alone in having … Continue reading The Story and the Christian