We are now accepting article, artwork and photography submissions for the Fall 2018 edition of the journal, themed “Home”. 1st draft submissions by Saturday 9/15 at 11:59 PM.

Journal Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions may be essays, non-fiction, fiction or poetry.
  • Attach to an email as a Word document.
  • Single-spaced, with no extra line breaks between paragraphs.
  • Do not double-space after periods, colons, or any other punctuation. (Only do so if you are writing on a typewriter, but please don’t do that, either.)
  • Include an article summary/blurb of your own fashioning, which will potentially be used as the article’s tagline in the printed issue.
  • Include a short biography of yourself that includes such information as year, major, hometown – one sentence is sufficient.
  • Citations should follow Chicago Style.
  • Scriptural citations should contain the translation/version.
  • Any images should be attached separately (i.e., do not embed them in the Word document) at the highest resolution possible and preferably as a TIFF.
  • Email us at

Blog Post Submission Guidelines

  • Send us your 1-2 page blog post at

Artwork and Photography Submissions

  • Please attach your photos or artwork as a .jpg file and email them to us at Include your first and last name and your year