TAUG is taking submissions for our Fall 2019 issue, “Work & Rest” until 9/16!

We are looking for editorial-length articles, poems, and artwork that thoughtfully explore, from a Christian perspective, what it means to be a person. Our publication aims to be meaningful to the broader campus community, which includes Christians as well as those belonging to other backgrounds, religious or otherwise. We’ve come up with some potential topics, but feel free to choose your own!

  1. Does living a good life entail more work or more rest?
  2. Is work inherently meaningful? (Or is work valuable only e.g. as a means to a product?)  Is rest inherently meaningful? (Or is rest valuable only e.g. as preparation for work?) Are work and rest completely separate, or are they somehow connected?
  3. People are sometimes criticized for their tendency to overwork, and sometimes for laziness. How are these two vices similar, and how are they different?
  4. What do our needs for work and rest reveal about what it means to be human?

Journal Submission Guidelines

  • Include a short biography of yourself that includes such information as year, major, hometown – one sentence is sufficient.
  • Citations should follow Chicago Style.
  • Scriptural citations should contain the translation/version.
  • Submit here.

Blog Post Submission Guidelines

  • Send us your blog post at

Artwork and Photography Submissions

  • Please attach your photos or artwork as a .jpg file and email them to us at Include your first and last name and your year