On the Dignity of Sex

A.S. BETHEL, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR In the 19 years that I have been alive, the topic of sexual intercourse has never been discussed in my family. We all know what it is—it’s just awkward to bring up. Yet, the media these days is lowering standards of what is “PG-13”; books detail the process of intercourse, and music hints at experiences. “Sex” has become a topic with … Continue reading On the Dignity of Sex

Sex and the Crisis of the Human Soul


At a reflective moment in the middle of the 1998 war film The Thin Red Line, Private Witt asks Sergeant Welsh, “Do you ever feel lonely?” Welsh answers, “Only around people.” Witt appears to ponder this for a moment and then repeats softly, as if in benediction, “Only around people.” The sentiment that Welsh expresses is the crisis of the human soul: alienation. Continue reading “Sex and the Crisis of the Human Soul”

Homosexual Designation as a Cause of Homophobia


[Adapted from Cogito, Credo, Petam]

In contemporary American society, cheek-kissing between men is mostly taboo; in the Southern Cone countries (especially Argentina and Uruguay), it’s unremarkable. This raises larger questions about the affection that society allows men to show. Intimacy often brings up associations with homosexuality in North America and northern Europe, and so many people interpret the relationship between David and Jonathan in the Bible – and likewise, in John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, the relationship between Gene and Finny – as a homosexual relationship. Such automatic designations, I maintain, are unhelpful and even homophobic. Continue reading “Homosexual Designation as a Cause of Homophobia”

Each Broken Relationship: A Piece of a Fractured Heart


Most of us have probably heard of or known someone who has been caught in a cycle of broken relationships. Some of us may be familiar with the pain of betrayal, the physical and emotional torture by one’s partner, the agony of being used, mistreated, and taken advantage of, and—worst of all—the self-hatred, the feeling of being unloved and insecure. This is no small matter. Continue reading “Each Broken Relationship: A Piece of a Fractured Heart”

The Dangers of Sex Talk


If you grew up within an evangelical Christian community, chances are you were raised to have sex on the brain.

No, I’m not maintaining that Christians bring up their children to be over­sexed, but rather that sexuality is a pivotal part of discourse within the church. The relentlessness of this discussion of sexuality is disturbing in many ways. It perpetuates the notion that our identity and our relationship with God is in­extricably tied to what we do with our bodies. This kind of worldview is damaging and based on a distortion of the truth. Continue reading “The Dangers of Sex Talk”

A Virgin’s Monologue

BY BRITTANY TYLER “ It’s going to offend you,” my mother predicted, after I told her my plans to attend a performance of The Vagina Monologues (VM). After the show, which I much enjoyed and appreciated, I remembered her comment. I wasn’t offended by the Monologues; if anything, I was a little offended that she thought I’d be offended. But I can’t really blame her. Stereotypes … Continue reading A Virgin’s Monologue

Courtship, Pornography, and True Worship


A friend of mine just sent me a link to a post from conservative theologian and pastor Douglas Wilson’s blog. In it, Mr. Wilson offers Christian fathers a list of twenty-one questions with which to interrogate their daughters’ prospective suitors. Questions of antiquation aside, I find Mr. Wilson’s suggestion irresponsible and the theology that underlies it troubling. Continue reading “Courtship, Pornography, and True Worship”